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EastGate provides Shipbroking services covering all aspects of the Dry Bulk space, including Chartering, Projects and S&P. Based in Athens, it has set routes in one of the largest shipowning nations in the world and has managed to become a gate which connects the Greek shipping fraternity with international players. Our diversified clientele relies on our international experience and accountability and trusts our driven team with its portfolio.

Our strong ties within the shipping community worldwide have shaped the Company’s character to an exotic blend of East and West.

We operate round the clock to offer first class service and worldwide coverage. We adopt traditional Shipbroking practices enriched with entrepreneurial acumen.

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Our market analyses consider the multi-polar scenery of the shipping industry and produce sophisticated insights. Our clients receive independent, up-to-date, continuous market intellect which complements their commercial decision-making.
We add value to our partners by accommodating access to top-tier companies from across the globe, while at the same time we provide a spherical view of the dry bulk shipping and commodities markets, international regulations, political developments and every element of the seaborne trade matrix.


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Grain pain in the Black Sea

While the world observes the unfortunate escalation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ripple effect that it is causing in the supply chain of key commodities, this report examines how the disturbing events in Ukraine can affect grain cargo flows and the dry bulk freight market.


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